Valorem Partners and the Women in Finance Charter

Women in Finance –
Gender Diversity Plan

Valorem Partners believes that gender balance is crucial to the success of our business and to the success of the industry in which we operate, which is why we signed the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter.

Diverse teams are more creative and innovative, more engaged and better at problem solving and making big decisions. According to Mckinsey & Co, companies in the top-quartile for gender diversity are 21% more likely to enjoy above average profitability.

Valorem Partners will maintain a minimum of 50% females in its Senior Management team by Jan 2021.

We will educate our clients on the importance of gender diversity in the workplace and the benefits having a more balanced workforce promotes, such as a more productive environment and a more appealing place to work.

For all roles at Executive and Senior Management level, we aim to create gender diverse shortlists with a minimum of one female per role at interview.

Valorem Partners will maintain a minimum 50% female workforce as we grow our business, to ensure we commit to uphold what we pledge.

​We will aim to ensure that all female candidates placed by Valorem Partners will be paid equally to the salaries of male candidates.

We will support and empower women to apply for more senior roles within the Specialist Finance industry.