When Value is Clear Decisions Are Easy

We understand that to successfully compete in this industry you need to hire experienced and high-quality talent. Whether your current business objective is to launch new products, diversification, enter new markets, or simply achieve and exceed your growth targets, having the right people in your business is critical. We know there is an ongoing, relentless challenge to secure the best talent in this industry. We know this because we are entirely dedicated to the Specialist Finance industry and we work with many of your competitors who share the same challenges.

Our Process

Our process is quality driven through the time, money and resources we invest. We believe this sets us apart, giving us the context we need to build a talent acquisition strategy that helps you achieve your business objectives. This is why working together as a partnership is crucial to our success, which is why we have 100% success rate and 85% of clients work with us again.

Step 1


An initial discussion to understand your needs and current challenges, and to learn about your business objectives.

Step 2


A meeting to discuss your specific hiring requirements and further understand your challenges.

Get total clarity on the impact this new hire will be expected to make and how they will contribute to achieving your business objectives.

Step 3


We create a customised plan with a laser focused role specification and assignment brief that helps us attract the game-changing talent you need to achieve your business objectives, build diverse and successful teams and eliminate risk from your hiring decision.

Our Commitment

Total Transparency

Total transparency to our client partnerships – we invest time, money and resources to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

We Provide Clarity

We provide total clarity around your business challenge, to align your business objective to the talent, experience, skillset and impact you require most.

Clear Milestones & Deliverables

We create and agree a project timeline, giving you clear milestones and deliverables to help you track and measure performance.

 The GC Index®

We provide exclusive and robust candidate insight using The GC Index® to help you make better hiring decisions and protect your investment by mitigating the risk of a bad hire. Find out more about The GC Index® here.

 Refund & Replacement

Refund and replacement guarantee.

It’s highly likely that your time is better utilised in your business, whilst attracting and securing high-quality talent is better left to an expert. Recruitment is a process that should not be rushed.

It can be detrimental and costly if you get it wrong.

In fact, on average a bad hire will cost a business  £132,000.

By Partnering with an expert we can help you avoid:

  • Getting it wrong – a bad hire that costs you money
  • Wasting time meeting unsuitable candidates
  • Limited access to candidates outside of your network and sourcing methods
  • Restrictions associated with working with contingent recruiters / transactional CV providers
  • Engaging with candidates that are considering other opportunities with your competitors
  • Time distraction and associated unnecessary headaches

It’s likely that you understand that the difference between hiring a good candidate and the best candidate in the market can be as significant as adding millions of pounds of investment into your business.

We understand that you want to partner with an expert to benefit from:-


  • Access to high-quality talent that is not available through your network or sourcing methods
  • Access to an established network within the Specialist Finance industry
  • Flexibility to engage with talent from specific competitors
  • Candidates introduced to you exclusively
  • The GC Index® to identify the tangible impact and contribution of an individual
  • Access to recruitment expertise around skill-set within the Specialist Finance industry
  • Outsource the investment of time required
  • Recruitment expertise in relation to interviewing against cultural and skills fit
  • Your investment is protected under our guarantee

If you Partner with us we are confident that we can help you:

  • Create a successful and diverse team of high-quality talent to deliver your business objectives
  • Support the well-being and happiness of your team  
  • Maximise your performance
  • Build your credibility to become known as an industry leader
  • Achieve your financial objectives
  • Grow your business